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One-stop education toolkit for everything about money to financially secure yourself

Dhan Dana Dan is your  education guide to help build the foundation for a financially secure future

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The COVID pandemic has brought to light the critical need for Financial Planning

Financial Literacy is the foundational education for a happy living


Learn financial planning with Sudhir. 

Hi, my name is Sudhir,


I am 17 years old and in grade 11. I will teach you the importance of financial management and planning through a series of animated video discussions between me and our family friends Reena aunty, and Vineet Uncle.


There are 5 modules which take you through a structured learning process covering topics ranging from Income, Expenses to Savings and saving options. This series of modules will not only teach you how to improve your financial planning but also help you build a secure and safe financially secure future. So, are you ready to bring a change to your life?


Let us jump into the learning mode together.

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Dhan Dana Dan has helped many make their lives financially secure and independent


Insight into the learning world of
Dhan Dana Dan

Download the App for the comprehensive course across

5 modules and earn a Certificate of completion of the course.

Dhan Dana Dan – Helping make lives financially secure

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Concepts explained in simple language using animations

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Quiz at the end of each module to assess the effectiveness of the learning outcome

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Content in Hindi for easy understanding and vast adoption

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Learning badges for each module

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Example to substantiate each concept

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Recognition certificate on successful completion of the course

Earn you learning certificate - first step towards financial Security

At the end of each of the 5 modules, there is an assessment quiz that helps evaluate your learning.

Basis the performance in the quiz and subject to you achieving the minimum learning outcomes

in each of the 5 modules, earn yourself a Gold, Silver or Bronze badge certificate​​

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Want to lead a better quality of life with
more financial security and stability?

Educate yourself with the A-B-C of Finance Management

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